Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday: Another Day, and a Traffic Accident

My wife and #3 daughter were in Osakis, for a guitar lesson. From the time I got the call, my guess is that they were on their way home when another vehicle hit the van.

The highway patrol called, with the news, and let me know that the ladies were on their way to the hospital in Alexandria. And, naturally enough, assumed that I'd be driving up to see them.

One little detail: My wife's car, and #3 daughter's are currently a sort of lawn sculpture south of the driveway, with a medium snow cover over them. I think that the ladies have the keys with them: and in any event, the two cars have to be pried apart before either is driven. Nothing serious, but the side of one is pressed rather firmly into the side of the other.

My wife has a plan for getting them apart, and I think I know what it is - but it'll require that we have one or both sets of keys here.

One more thing: they've been sitting there so long, that I'm not at all convinced that either of them will run. Those batteries could be drained by now.

Good news: it doesn't look like either of their injuries are particularly serious. But, they're still being checked out

Now, to see what I can do about feeding myself.

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