Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Fine Couple of Days, Pulled Back Muscle Aside

Friday whizzed by. I researched and wrote posts, did a bit of organizing, and was hurrying toward the living room when a muscle in my lower back decided to act up.

I suppose it's from the moderately heavy lifting I did on Tuesday, delayed a bit.

I bent over, to stretch the muscle: which I think kept the discomfort from getting worse. It meant that I spent several minutes appreciating the floor: but that's okay; it's a rather nice-looking floor.

Time, stretching, a bit of light exercise, and tonic water seem to be helping. I'm still walking quite carefully, though.

My son got most of the yard mowed today: it was a beautiful, bright blue May day here. I grilled burgers for lunch, with #1 daughter and her rabbit for company. Giol likes dandelion blossoms, which I don't mind one bit: he's a sort of low-tech weeder.

My wife and #3 daughter found a rummage sale with several boxes of sheet music today. I'm told they went through the collection carefully, and got a few choice pieces.

I did more research and writing today, watched two videos with #1 daughter, read Garfield and sang with my son, and that brings me up to the present.

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