Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Rabbit at School, and Cleaning Up After Horses

My wife and #3 daughter cut their hair over the weekend: an annual event, preparing for summer's heat.

#1 daughter took her rabbit, Giol, to my son's class after lunch today. He'd called, earlier, to make sure she remembered. It went pretty well, although Giol was a little rattled. #1 daughter tells me that he tried to flee, when some children tried to pet him. Then about 30 kids, despite the teacher's pleas, started after him.

Giol was a nervous rabbit after that. He recovered, though.

#1 daughter tells me that she got a plug in for the humane society, responsible pet ownership, and her still-being-written comic: so I'd say the event was worthwhile.

And, #1 daughter made another sale today. Good news. She's been averaging about 1 a day lately: we'll see how this goes.

My wife's current 'crop' of sprouts is just about ready to eat. They're tasty and - so I'm told - nutritious: well worth the trouble of cleaning out the trays after each 'harvest.'

After supper today, #3 daughter, my son, my wife, and I went to the fairgrounds. The Soo Bahk Do class was raising funds by shoveling manure out of stalls, after a horse show. I spent a few minutes, opening one of the doors for ventilation and looking for a light switch, but spent most of an hour and a quarter shoveling.

That was good exercise.

And now, after the family's prayed and my son and I have read Garfield, it's time to call it a day.

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