Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Morning: Retrospective on My Son's Field Trip

My son went with his class to the Minnesota State Capitol yesterday. We were expecting him back around 6 or 6:30, but he arrived around 8:00. I'd told my wife and #3 daughter that they might as well go to Soo Bahk Do - that was around 7:30 - so I had the treat of having some one-on-one time with him as he talked about the trip.

They toured the capitol building, including part of the roof. My son was quite impressed by the statues at the front of the building. And, at how long the stairs leading up there were.

The Minnesota historical museum was on the itinerary too. What my son rated as #1 there was a tornado simulation: a room that gives occupants an impression of what the worst Minnesota tornado would be like, for someone inside. The simulation includes a tree falling. Sounds impressive.

And, the Ramsey House - 1st governor's mansion. Peter says that he'd been leaning on a wall when the guide said 'no leaning on the walls' - he bounced off the wall, then: and someone laughed. He thinks it was his teacher. Those two get along famously.

I'm glad he had a good time with the trip: I remember my 6th grade field trip to the capitol. There wasn't a tornado simulator that time: but the capitol building part of the trip seems to be the about the same as when I had that experience.

The rest of yesterday, in fact most of the week, was fairly routine. Except for a promising job possibility for me. There's a company that needs someone with marketing and business-to-business telephone sales experience. Which is right up my alley.

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