Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday: Bright and Clear; and #1 Daughter Moved Out

#1 daughter wrapped a wedding present for my wife this morning - for #2 daughter's wedding, actually. She and I had a good talk, then #1 daughter took her rolling suitcase and headed back to Alexandria.

We were in the kitchen while #1 daughter wrapped the gift, and I fixed my breakfast. Sprocket stood between us, whipping his head back and forth, as if in an effort to give 100% attention to both.

It's the start of school, soon, and it's very reasonable for her to be up there. Still, it's been very good having her under the roof.

Between #1 daughter moving back to Alexandria, and #2 daughter getting married in less than a month: there are a lot of transitions going on.

#1's rabbit is staying here, for the time being. Which is okay: He's a quite creature.

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