Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday: Another Week in Fast-Forward

As if with a whizzing sound, another week went by.

Wedding preparations are keeping my wife and #2 daughter busy: I've been staying out of the way, for the most part. I've been on my usual routine of researching and writing, and #1 daughter has been winding up her summer job. School's coming up, and she'll be back at her commercial art studies soon.

#2 daughter gave my son a haircut Thursday. He's used to my wife doing that, and was none too confident at first. He's okay with the results, though.

To my considerable satisfaction, I saw hummingbirds Thursday and Friday. Saturday I cleaned and re-filled the feeder, and I haven't seen them since. I haven't been looking out there either, so there could be a swarm of them for all I know.

#2 daughter and I spent the bulk of Friday afternoon going to St. Cloud, picking out a black suit for me to wear at her wedding, and getting a few things for her dress. I enjoyed spending those hours with her.

One of my brothers-in-law got a job in Iraq. He has a broad range of marketable skills, but his jobs tend to be elsewhere than Minnesota.

Stearns County Fair started Wednesday - or Thursday, depending on what milestone you choose to use as a marker. I've been over, taking a few photos and getting what I hope can be made into a short video.

#1 daughter has been over, too, several times. She impressed someone at the Conservation barn: she was able to identify many of the skins they had there.

#1 daughter went to the fair again Saturday. She reports that the Conservation barn is temporary home to a couple of (very cute) baby raccoons. She also went on a few rides: and came back with a bag of kettle corn. She says what she gets at the fair is by far better than what's available in stores. I suspect that, with the high turnover of inventory at the fair, their kettle corn is by far fresher.

I've grilled burgers yesterday and today, in company with #1 daughter and her rabbit, Giol. The rabbit's inside, as I write this: getting some of his 'people time' for the day, and being inside where it's a bit cooler.

One of my wife's sisters was over for a while this afternoon: probably here for the fair.

#3 daughter has been doing something or other this week: writing, I think. Also enjoying this time with #2 daughter.

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