Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday: Wedding on Saturday, But No Worries

Well, at least it isn't next month yet. I see the last time I wrote anything here was three weeks ago.

My wife and #2 daughter came back about a half-hour ago, after getting groceries and running errands. A few minutes ago my wife noted that she'd thrown away the medicine and was putting the bag it came in away. After putting the items where they belonged, she decided to take a break.

Yesterday I couldn't find my camera. I asked my wife and kids to keep an eye out for it. Not long after that, one of them spotted the camera: right where I left it. In the laundry basket.

I suppose we're a bit distracted by what's planned for this Saturday: our #2 daughter's wedding.

A few minutes ago I tried on the black suit I'll be wearing. It fits - and looks pretty good, I'm told. My son is trying on his as I write this. At 13, it's a bit more of a learning experience to put on that sort of thing. We're not a particularly formal family.

Most of what we've been doing seems to center around that wedding. My wife gave me a haircut; I trimmed my beard, over-trimming it in a patch the size of my thumbprint - my wife assures me it'll grow over by Saturday; my wife's been putting finishing touches on the wedding dress; and the ladies have been involved in activities that I haven't tried to understand.

Aside from that, I've started putting two cups of sugar water in the hummingbird feeder at roughly weekly intervals. I think I have more clients now. The first hummingbird feeder got set up in April of this year. It was a unit we had in storage here, and not particularly easy for the birds to use, or me to clean. I got another one and set it out in the first part of May. Then, about a month later, I spotted the first hummingbird.

Next year, maybe I'll have some hummingbird-friendly plants around there. It's nice, having those creatures flitting around.

#1 daughter moved her base of operations back to Alexandria, up the road, when classes started this fall. She's spending weekends here, to see her rabbit Giol. And us.

Her rabbit's been moved to the basement, where his 2x4-and-chicken-wire run lend a certain flair to our already-eclectic decor. He's a fine little creature to have around - and has us rather well-trained when it comes to giving him bits of vegetables.

Giol typically spends part of the evening, and weekend afternoons, upstairs with us.

#3 daughter has, among other things, been writing; I've been doing my usual routine of writing micro-reviews of articles and blog posts; posts about Sauk Centre, writing, quick-and-simple outdoor grilling, and making sure to exercise at regular intervals.

Exercising is easier, now that the family has Wii Fit: the program keeps track of when I exercise, and what I weigh; and is designed to alleviate the mind-numbing boredom of, say, running in place for fifteen minutes.

Let's see: I've mentioned the wedding, hummingbirds, the wedding, #1 daughter, the wedding, #3 daughter - - -. I'll come back and add more when I think of it.

One more thing: My son's starting with homeschooling now; which means more paperwork for us. Among other things, we have to demonstrate that we've got the right sort of education, and that his vaccinations are up to date and officially noted.

On his part, he's getting his trombone lubricated. He'll be in - band, I think it is. Something musical at the school, anyway. Friends of his have been over here now and again over the summer, and I understand he's got a system worked out with them for keeping in touch during the school year.

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