Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday: Three Full Days Before the Wedding

After supper today, I went into the living room to be with the rest of the at-home family and do a little exercising. My wife and two daughters started discussing details of who would be doing what, when and how before the wedding, during the event, and afterwords.

I'm in the north room, at what I think is a safe distance, having fed #1 daughter's rabbit an apple core on the way. He had another from me, right after supper. #1 daughter has opined that we feed Giol more than she does: she may be right.

I've finished the Knights of Columbus local council bulletin that I do eleven months out of the year, and got it to the printers. It's back, the ladies labeled it, and are in the process of putting on those little adhesive tabs the Post Office likes to have on such things.

My son's spent some time with Giol - we don't have a formal schedule, but between us we see to it that he gets some up-close-and-personal time at fairly regular intervals. It's not exactly altruism on our part: Between those furry feet, puffy tail, floppy ears and wriggling nose he's a little bundle of 'cute.'

He's also very effective at begging food from us.

#2 daughter is the first of our children to get married. I'm very pleased with the young man she's picked out and looking forward to her moving past another milestone in her life. Even so, it's a huge transition. Yesterday, I realized - again - how agitated I am. Also antsy and nervy: but not, I think, unglued.

And I'm just father of the bride. All I have to do is walk her up the aisle, say a word or two, and later have a short father-daughter dance. I'm, as usual, very impressed at how Catherine is handling things. And #2 daughter, of course.

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