Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Day, For Which I am Duly Grateful

It's dark out, my wife is watching television with #3 daughter, my son and I have read Garfield and sung, as is our habit, and I'm about to turn in. It's been a good day.

Besides catching up on the weekend's tasks, I saw a doctor - psychiatrist, actually - for a four-month checkup. I'm doing well, so the medications stay the same, and it'll be six months before the next scheduled visit. That 'major depression' diagnosis was, in its own way, the best news I'd had in years. Particularly since there are effective ways of treating it now.

I drove around Sauk Centre, getting a few photos for tomorrow's Sauk Centre Journal, and put gas in the van, on my way back. Getting gas was a little more eventful than usual. The pump I tried to use first kept flashing "47" at me. The folks inside couldn't get it to work, so I circled around and refilled at another pump. Happily, I was in no hurry - so it was a chance to say 'hi' to some of the people there.

My son's getting along with home schooling so far - after two whole days. He practiced his trombone again today. Upstairs, mercifully. He's learning, but it's not exactly a quiet instrument.

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