Saturday, September 5, 2009

About Eight Hours After the Wedding

#2 daughter is now married. The wedding itself was about as hitch-free as such things ever are.

#2 daughter looked beautiful; everybody walked to where they were supposed to; the flower girl and ring bearer only needed a little coaching; I didn't trip as #2 daughter and I walked down the aisle; and didn't hit anybody with my cane as I handed her over to my son-in-law.

The party afterward was fine. We were at the Palmer House, downtown - the folks there did a fine job - and spent somewhat between five and six hours eating, dancing, and talking. My wife's family spent part of the time catching up with each other, the rest getting to know my son-in-law's family. His father spent quite a bit of time with my father-in-law and one of the brothers-in-law: talking about hunting and fishing in the latter case - and it's anyone's guess what my father-in-law and he talked about.

I've had a big day - and didn't even have to do much except act on cue. I think the ladies will be resting as hard as they can tomorrow.

After the party, in the van, I went through my usual routine of glancing in the rear view mirror to make sure that everyone was in and the doors closed. I thought, '#2 daughter isn't here yet' - then realized that we've gone through one of those major transitions.

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