Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday: Back Home and Glad of It

My wife, all four kids, and my new son-in-law, went up to the Red River Valley of the North on Friday to visit my father. It had to be short, since he has the dickens of a time getting oxygen in - but 'a good time was had by all.'

Well, pretty much all. As one of the kids put it, "I want to go home now." Can't say that I blame her.

Still, I'm glad we went.

My wife, #2 daughter and #3 daughter put on the dresses they'd worn at #2 daughter's wedding the previous Saturday. A festive touch, I think.

Thanks to a laptop computer, we were able to show my father photos from the wedding, and of the house. Some of my new (nieces-in-law??) and their parents were out there recently - and loved the place. That seems to happen, once folks go there.

My family, and the new couple, went to Mass Saturday afternoon. I found out that #2 daughter has volunteered to provide music for that Mass. Good news: music and singing add a lot. I think, anyway.

I had several hours of time with #1 daughter - and her rabbit - on the drive up and back. Which was also a good thing.

Today, #3 daughter and my son started home school. She's tutoring him on English, under direction from my wife. So far, after one day, it's working out rather well.

At this moment, a few minutes after 9:00 p.m., #1 daughter's rabbit is in the kitchen, being fed a half-stick of celery by my wife. Our son is sitting on the floor next to her, talking with her and enjoying the rabbit.

And now, it's time to read Garfield with my son.

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