Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Father's Life: Approaching Another Milestone

We got word today from the care facility. My father's not been able to feed himself, and has spoken only a few words today: instead, writing notes to communicate. Someone from hospice called, later, with the additional information that his color isn't as good as it was.

He's bounced back before, but there's a good chance that he will soon die.

I can't say I'm happy about the situation, but there's nothing to be done about the situation: no infection to deal with, no wound to heal.

Happily, #2 daughter and her husband live just a few miles away from him. My son-in-law lost his first wife to cancer, and recognized indications that my father's life is near its end.

I plan to get up to the Red River Valley of the North tomorrow, setting out tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, back here in Sauk Centre, my son's on the computer in the other room, #1 daughter's rabbit is in the kitchen - and has, I see, finished a celery stick - and I'm seeing how much of Friday's work I can do today.

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