Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday: #2 Daughter's Wedding is Now at One Month and Counting

#2 daughter will, if all goes as planned, be married one month from today. Even though I'm safely out of the loop when it comes to preparations, I'm still feeling the urgency.

My wife has the dress made, almost: The next steps require #2 daughter's presence, and she's headed to Louisiana with my son-in-law-to-be. Why, I'm not exactly sure: but I'm sure it's a good reason.

Meanwhile, we have his dog, Sprocket, to take care of. He's a big, over-bred, friendly sheepdog. My wife and #3 daughter worked out a method by which he can be staked out in the back yard without one of us being attached to the other end of a leash. It's a mutually satisfactory arrangement. He seems to like just being outside, without needing to move around all that much.

The kids have been taking turns, giving him walks - so he should be getting enough exercise.

#1 daughter's rabbit, Giol, is taking the presence of Sprocket pretty well, all things considered. Fur on Giol's back stood up for a few minutes this evening, when my son and Sprocket were playing - Sprocket made some growling sounds in the course of the play.

Giol relaxed soon after that, though.

Last night was the first night Sprocket stayed here. He gave voice at intervals throughout the late evening. I'd hardly call it a howl: the sound is quite musical.

The charm of Sprocket's voice started wearing a bit thin around midnight, though. He did eventually settle down, happily.

It'll be interesting to see how tonight goes.

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