Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Shower, Eye Exam, Digging Out a Car, and Brainstorming

My wife and #3 daughter went to a baby shower today, for Our Lady of the Angels' choir director. The choir director's husband was there (brave man), and maybe four others guys from the choir. The invitation had been to all choir members. I guess this is another indication that it isn't the fifties any more. Can't say I'm sorry about that.

My wive and #3 daughter made a baby-size choir robe for the choir director's new son. I'm told it was something of a hit. As were the other gifts, of course.

#1 daughter came home for the weekend around supper time - which is roughly 5:00 p.m. in this household. She needed some help getting her car unstuck, I gather. Apparently it got mired in snow when she drove it in the 'other' driveway.

I got my eyes examined today: an annual process, now that I've got diabetes. Good news: I've got two, and they both work. No problems. Between the pupil-dilating drops, and the ones that anesthetized my eyes for the pressure test, though, I'm having a bit of time focusing. Oh, well: that will, I trust, pass.

Good grief: I checked my task list, and I've got two posts left to write. And no clue what to write about for one of them. Both, actually: but I can fake it for one.

The other? That's the Loonfoot Falls Chronicle-Gazette blog. I think I'd better pull in #1 daughter and do some brainstorming. Our brains - God help both of us - work about the same way, and we've been able to help each other out on creative projects before.

My son? He and I will, I think, be doing the same sort of thing as he gets older. Not about the same things, though: he's more like my inner geek than my inner writer and artist.

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Unknown said...

Looks like it was a busy & productive day.

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