Monday, January 25, 2010

I Can Feel Crumbs! Wow!

I ate lunch today, which is a routine event.

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I swept crumbs on my plate up with a finger. Again, routine.

And could feel that there were crumbs between my finger and the plate.

Not so routine. Not with that finger.

I'd been using the index finger of my right hand - the one next to the thumb. There was a time, before 2006, when I couldn't feel anything except pressure or pain from the thumb and adjoining two fingers on either hand: carpal tunnel trouble. Inconvenient.

Surgery corrected the carpal tunnel situation in 2006, and the nerves have been growing back ever since.

I checked, after sensing the crumbs, and the usual pattern is still in play. I can feel crumbs with my right middle finger - almost as well as I do 'normally.' The first finger: the sensation isn't as clear, but I can definitely feel that there's something between my finger and the plate. My right thumb? I can tell that I'm in contact with something that's more of a surface, than an edge: but that's it.

Well, it's an improvement.

If this keeps up, it won't be too many years before I can draw again. When the sense of touch in six of my ten digits went offline, I discovered how much I relied on feedback, for fine motor control in my fingers.

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