Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday: #2 Daughter is Home

My wife and #3 daughter looked after the shop at the in-town grandpa's this morning. They got back around noon: much sooner than I expected. He'd returned, though, so my wife decided that she may as well come back here.

Our son devised a rolling carrier for his laptop's power supply. He explained that now he could move it, and the school desk it's on, around, and the power supply would follow.

It'll have to be moved, eventually, since the cord is running right across the living room: but it can stay for a while yet.

This evening, about 8:00, #2 daughter came back from college. For about a week. There's some sort of break on. She brought quite a few instruments with her: a violin, a viola, a saxophone, and an oboe. I've got a feeling I'm missing something.

The idea is that she's going to be practicing while she's here.

I think she'll work in visiting with us, helping with a few projects, and maybe even relaxing, too.

#2 daughter and I had some time this evening to talk, and watch an episode of one of the Batman animated series. It's good to have more of the family here.

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