Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday: Grilling Amidst Frost

Grilling lunch today had a bonus. Frost on branches and twigs lasted until noon, so I had a special scene to see while treading the fine line between getting raw burgers and incinerated hockey pucks.

We found out that the flooring we were planning for the living room has been delayed twice - and probably won't be coming at all. There's some sort of technical problem with its manufacture, I understand.

So, it was off to select a reasonable substitute. I think my wife found a good 2nd choice. It may wind up being being better that our original choice.

Other than that, the afternoon was pleasantly bland.

At some point, our son and I went to that Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" online game, and set me up with a free account. It's remarkably engaging. The sea battles even take gravity and ballistics into account for the cannon shots. If I don't watch out, I'll get as involved as our son.

We got a call from #2 daughter. She mostly talked with my wife and #3 daughter, but I got a few words in.

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