Saturday, February 23, 2008

Transitions in life: Death of my Mother

My mother died about 12 hours ago. We got the call this morning, around sunrise.

I've talked briefly with my father, and #1 daughter, over the phone, and my wife and I have been alerting near relatives.

Actually, my wife has been doing most of the work: but I did send an email.

#1 daughter said that she was glad I called this time. She found out about her grandmother's change in condition by reading this blog.

(Stupid! I assumed - no, that implies some sort of thought - If I'd bothered to assume anything, I'd have assumed that I was at the end of the information chain, and that someone had already talked to #1 daughter.)

I've already experienced some illogical self-recrimination, about how I could have been up there yesterday: and will no doubt be back at it at some inconvenient time in the near future.

Meanwhile, my brain unhelpfully started reminding me of a barely-appropriate song from (I think) the sixties. I think I've got the tune and lyrics out of my head. For now, anyway.

This is going to be an interesting week.

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