Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday: "Project Savespace" is Named

My wife and #3 daughter went over to the in-town grandpa's today, under the impression that this was one of the days they were supposed to watch the shop. In an uncharacteristic lapse, my wife had gotten the day wrong. It's tomorrow. And, I think, Friday.

It was a happy mistake, though, since the two ladies had a good morning's visit out of it. They got back as I was starting lunch.

Our son had an appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon, after school. Quite routine, I understand.

My wife's cut pieces of a sort of felted material, making skids for a couple of chairs in the living room. One downside of having a vinyl floor: unlike carpeting, the stuff can get scratched. Those pads, or skids, should help prevent at least some scratches.

Our son asked me if he could use one of the re-writable CDs I got yesterday. A little later, he excitedly informed me that he'd gotten files moved from the main computer onto that disk. We've got a measurable and significantly greater amount of space on the hard drive now.

He suggested that we call our efforts to free up space in the computer "Project Savespace." I like it.

I spent quite a bit of the afternoon, organizing about three years' worth of digital photos. A long-overdue task, but I'm just about ready to archive the bulk of them. At least, I hope it's the bulk of them. That's something I'll be checking tomorrow morning.

Our son also told us that today, "the snow is real good for more play compatibility." He explained that the snowfalls and wind recently had made a snowfield near the school a sort of miniature landscape. He's making a make-believe about it.

I remember doing that sort of thing. Come to think of it, I still do, sometimes.

#1 daughter called this morning. She's still back, safe from that convention, and is experiencing the logical consequences of several days' lack of sleep, strange food, and exposure to people from all over the country.

She's got a cold, and could develop laryngitis with just a little more effort.

#2 daughter called, or maybe someone here called her. However it worked, she talked with my wife, and then #3 daughter, this evening. Thank goodness my wife found a low-cost, unlimited-long-distance phone service plan. She's one sharp household manager.

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