Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday: Chicken Soup for Everyone

Very early this morning, I cleaned up a mess in one of the bedrooms. Our son had upgraded his 'upset stomach' to 'sick to the stomach.' Happily, I was able to take care of the situation without disturbing my wife or #3 daughter. Too much. I learned that they'd heard the episode.

Following instructions from my wife, I heated and served soup this noon. Any other family would call it stew, I think. My wife doesn't seem to believe in thin soup. I'd have helped with supper, but slept through the hour before 5:00. For some reason, I felt like a nap this afternoon.

We're feeling better now, quite possibly to the chicken soup we had for supper.

Our son doesn't mind having to stay home from school today. This way, he was here when his godmother came. With his Christmas gift, last birthday present, and the next birthday present.

She and her husband run a dairy farm ten miles or so east of here. When she comes into town, it's generally for parts: and in that situation it's a matter of get in, get the part, and get back so that their equipment has as little down time as possible.

Today, she budgeted time to see my wife. The two ladies had a good talk, while our son built Bionicles.

I got some writing done during the day, and handled a little of the preparation for tomorrow's precinct caucus in town. Now, it's time to put the local Knights of Columbus bulletin together. If all goes well, I'll have it to the printers tomorrow morning.

And, as usual, our son and I read "Garfield" before he retired.

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