Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday: Chores, Errands, and Family

Today was one of those got-work-done days. #1 daughter came over from Alexandria, showed us photos of her trip to Washington, DC, and did some cleaning and organizing around the house.

#2 daughter, #3 daughter, and my wife got a ping-pong table which has languished in the basement for years taken apart. The idea was to carry it upstairs, but it was too heavy for that: even in pieces. Tomorrow, I understand, some people from a church in St. Cloud will come up here to collect it. That church has been looking for a ping-pong table for some time now, so we have a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Our son was full of news and commentary about Bionicles today. Apparently, he's now read a good explanation for why the toys are going to go up in price.

Some of that frost we had on Sunday lasted into the next day. I took this photo yesterday morning.

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