Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday: Despite its Reputation, Mine Was Pretty Good

Oh, right: It's President's Day. Mostly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's memorial day.

Back to my family's doings in Sauk Centre, Minnesota:

When I came downstairs this morning, I heard my wife talking on the phone with #2 daughter. About wedding plans.

Hypothetical wedding plans, my wife told me. Just general, how-does-this-work issues. That had be a little calmer. #2 daughter found a very interesting young man on Ave Maria Singles (I wrote about that last month). I understand that he's coming to meet #2 daughter next month.

He sounds like a nice guy, based on #2 daughter's descriptions.

Meanwhile, #1 daughter got back from Washington DC tonight. She called me when she arrived in Minneapolis, and after getting back to her place.

This family does seem to talk a lot.

Thanks to this being an official holiday, I got to grill burgers at noon. A pleasure, as usual: and a fine opportunity to stand and appreciate Minnesota's weather for a few minutes. Today, it was clear blue sky and sincerely cold temperatures.

My wife continues to forge order from the chaos of parts of the north room. Quite a bit of that is my stuff. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find more duplicate and unnecessary files on the main computer. And, encourage our son to do the same.

Our son and I went out to get groceries this afternoon. My wife, and #3 daughter, were feeling cold today. My wife didn't want to experience the near-zero temperatures first-hand, so she sent the two guys.

That was fine by me. Our son and I had time to talk, he did the reaching-and-carrying, so all I had to do was pay for the cart-full. Our son was impressed by the total.

Before we went to the grocery, the two of us went to Wal-Mart. He had a Bionicle to buy, using money received from a generous relative. I picked up diabetic testing supplies and re-writable CDs. Not quite as exciting, but practical.

When our son and I got home, my wife told me that Wal-Mart had called. I'd left my stuff there, and could pick it up at customer service. Later, she told me that I sounded annoyed. I was. That was a dumb stunt.

But, not a very serious one, in terms of consequences.

I picked the package up, filled the van's fuel tank, and put myself through a longer-than-usual session at Fitness Guru, the exercise place I go to.

My goal is to be able to bicycle from here to Melrose, 10 miles down Lake Wobegon Trail, and back by the end of summer. I may not reach that goal, but trying to get there should be good for me.

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