Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday: It was Cold Last Night

It's good to be home.

Thanks to good engineering and design, pretty good maintenance, and a headbolt heater, the van started this morning. It was a cold night.

#2 daughter, her friend, and I went to visit with my father again this morning. #2 daughter also got the van packed. The three of us set off for Moorhead, then back to Fargo for Mass at St. Mary's.

#2 daughter and I had some time after that, so we talked in the front room of her dorm. Then, off again for me, stopping for a meal at Debbie's Homestyle Kitchen in Fergus Falls: that's a sort of tradition for the family.

As good as it was to talk with my father, it's good to be back with "my" family. I got back in pretty good time today: about 7:15. #3 daughter, Our son, and my wife, were in the living room when I got back.

Probably because I hadn't carried it in, my wife asked me if the CPAP had been packed. I hadn't a clue: #2 daughter's so reliable, I just assumed that she had (and, I'd seen it in the to-go pile). And, the assumption was right.

I'm sure there's more to say, but I can't think of it right now.

Except for this: I collected a Weather Service wind chill factor report (all in degrees Fahrenheit) for places in North Dakota last night. Then, I put them in order, 'warmest' to coldest:
  • -30 Hettinger
  • -31 Dickinson
  • -37 Williston
  • -40 Carrington
  • -40 Ellendale
  • -40 Killdeer
  • -40 Robinson
  • -40 Stanton
  • -40 Watford City
  • -41 Tioga
  • -42 Harvey
  • -43 Bismarck
  • -43 Gackle
  • -43 Edgeley
  • -43 Moffit
  • -43 Wishek
  • -46 Garrison
  • -46 Jamestown
  • -47 Minot
  • -49 Mohall
  • -49 New Salem
  • -49 Rolla
  • -53 Rugby
  • -54 Bottineau

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