Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday: Fog, Frost, a Cousin, and Grilling Lunch

We had fog here in Sauk Centre today. I like the way that streets, trees, and buildings look in this weather: and I'm glad I don't have to drive out of town in it.

My wife wasn't feeling all that well today: nothing serious, but enough to give her a slight fever. I've noticed that foggy days and mild illness seem to go together for a few members of the family.

Back to the happy side of fog: it left a highly decorative frost on the trees.

And, since there wasn't any wind to speak of, the frost stayed with us.

A selection of my in-laws and a niece, at least, were over at the in-town grandpa's, visiting. The niece (I think of her as 'one of the cousins,' since that's her relationship to our kids) spent most of the day over here.

I see I forgot to mention something in yesterday's post. One of my brothers-in-law came by yesterday afternoon, and asked #3 daughter and our son if they'd like to go ice fishing with him. Both declined, so he extended the invitation to #2 daughter, who was glad to go. I think he'd have asked all three, if the ice house he was going to was big enough.

#2 daughter had a good time, sitting in a dark hut, staring at a hole in the ice, waiting for something to happen.

I'm sure there was more to it than that. If nothing else, she had a chance to catch up with one of her uncles. I don't know that they caught any fish.

My wife and I stayed home today: I'm still a bit sleep-deprived, or something, and she was able to use the rest. Anyway, there were plenty of folks over at the in-town grandpa's. Our son has been working on a tower, yesterday and today. He finished it today, re-built part of it, and re-finished it again.

That thing reaches almost to the ceiling.

I remember doing something like this, when I was around his present age. Mine was built of Tinker Toys, his is made of Construx.

I grilled lunch today, providing burgers for the immediate family plus a cousin. She was over, visiting with #3 daughter. Those two look more alike than any two of our kids do: and they're also a very close couple of cousins.

#3 daughter and #2 daughter, and the cousin, tried on some very nice dresses, and had our son take pictures of them. He used the cousin's digital camera: an Olympus, and very nice. Our son's impressed, and says that he wants one like it. So do I, for that matter.

I'm pretty sure that we'll both have to wait a while, though.

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