Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday: Two Weeks to St. Valentine's Day

Yesterday wasn't one of my banner days.

When I got to Fitness Guru, the place where I exercise, the towel that (I thought) I'd packed wasn't in the duffel. Going back to recover the towel, or get another, would take time that I didn't want to spend.

Besides, I had an idea. Over a month ago, I accidentally put a T-shirt in that duffel: and kept it there. Yesterday, I discovered that a T-shirt and a recently-worn polo shirt, used judiciously, are an adequate substitute for a conventional towel.

I can't say that I'd recommend that substitution, though.

Then, I went to the place I get my glasses. About two and a half weeks ago, the eye doctor confirmed that I needed new glasses. After a minor snafu, involving a re-ordering of the lenses, and another week's wait, I learned that the new glasses were ready.

On my way in, acting on an impulse, I tried on my old glasses. I'd left them in the van, to be sure that they'd be on hand.

When I put them on, every twig on every tree snapped into sharp focus.

In contrast to the new glasses, that don't do as good a job at correcting my vision.


The focus issue is almost certainly connected to my efforts to get my blood sugar level stable. I'm still learning how to do that.

I don't think we appreciate how effectively our bodies monitor and maintain the interacting chemical processes that keep us alive - until we have to do some of the monitoring and maintenance ourselves.

That, a quiet evening with my wife, our son, and #3 daughter at Soo Bahk Do, followed by reading "Garfield."

Which brings us up to today.

I did my first (in a while) tutoring session today. It went rather well, I think: It's good to get back to this sort of task. I've done tutoring for English and a few other subjects, and did some ESL work: but that was years ago. We'll see how my current tutoring works out.

Another exercise session this afternoon, after which I went to Jitters Java, a specialty coffee shop downtown. That was a treat. Family finances being what they are, I haven't been there as often as I like. (It's those recurring expenses that can really drain a budget.)

Our son talked me into letting him download and install (free) online game software from Disney. I wrote about that on another blog. Sounds coming from the north room told me that he's thoroughly enjoying the game. He's been asking me when I'll set up an account. That'll probably happen tomorrow.

That, and reading "Garfield," again, wrapped up the day.


Brigid said...

"When I put them on, every twig on every tree snapped into sharp focus.

In contrast to the new glasses, that don't do as good a job at correcting my vision."


Sorry. *snicker* I probably shouldn't laugh. *pffft* But that's just so *hehehe* funny!

PA! HA! hahahaha!

Brian H. Gill said...


I'm so glad I could amuse you.

And, it was funny.

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