Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday: Minding the Shop, the Flu, and an Eclipse

My wife and #3 daughter were over at the in-town grandpa's for most of the day, minding the shop. #1 daughter arrived a little after they left, for a weekly meeting here, and to help this household get books organized.

#1 daughter and I talked, ate lunch, and she got some work done anyway. After lunch, I followed her up to the attic, where she's been excavating a path through piles of books. I sat in a lazy boy that we wrestled up there years ago, and read a trade magazine - when we weren't talking.

Or, when I wasn't driving #1 daughter half-nuts with good advice over how to deal with a slightly unstable pile of books. We resolved that issue. Actually, she did, by piling the books on their backs, instead of their edges.

We had a good time up there, actually. And, thanks to having the foresight to wear jackets up there, we didn't get too cold.

I got a phone call around noon. It was the guitarist who teaches #3 daughter. He was letting us know that he had the bug that's been going around, and that there would be no lesson today.

For reasons that I don't understand, I assumed that my wife already knew about this, and so didn't call her. She and #3 found out, when they came here.

My wife is an understanding and forgiving woman, thank God, so I'm not in too much hot water.

#1 daughter called me a little after 10 tonight, reminding me of the Lunar eclipse. Thanks to her call, I had time to get outside, set up the tripod, and take a couple of pictures.

It was cold out there, so I went back inside after about two minutes.
When I looked at the photos, I saw that tree branches were between the camera and the moon. My wife pointed out that they looked like canals. I wasn't going to go back outside for another shot - it was too cold for my comfort at that time - so I'll settle for the photos I have. This photo, and another, are on today's "Sauk Centre Journal" entry.

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