Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday: A Happier Post

I had the house to myself most of the day today. My wife, #2 daughter and #3 daughter were out this morning, learning to play violin (My wife), and stopping in at the Sauk Centre grandpa's (all three). That trio was back for a while, after lunch, then off again for #2 daughter's guitar lesson.

Our son came home after school an hour or so after that. I learned more about Bionicles, or at any rate heard more about them. Then he sat down and merged with the main computer. He and a friend of his from school had agreed to 'meet' on Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" online game. He has fun with that: and we're restricting his online time.

I actually got some work done, on a writing/graphics project (until and unless there's more to tell, I'm keeping mum on details). I also did some pick-up and sweep-up - no sense in letting my wife have all that fun.

And so, through the evening routines, reading Garfield with our son, and now writing this.


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