Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday: Family Business and Fun

My first (or second) tutoring session went pretty well this morning. It was the second time I'd met the tutee, if that's the right word, but the first time we'd been working on reading and comprehension. It feels good to get back into an instructional sort of work.

Next step was to get some organizing done, mostly digital: making sure files were in the right folders and that sort of thing. I was working on a deadline: This weekend, I'm visiting my dad and taking care of some arrangements up in the Red River Valley.

#1 daughter stopped by in the morning, as my wife and #3 daughter were leaving to visit the in-town grandpa. #1 daughter needed to pick up driving instructions for a place in the St. Cloud area, about 45 minutes down the road. She didn't get them from me: She looked them up online.

I like to think that her stopping by for directions was an excuse to say 'hi' to me and the rest of the family.

I got the writing I had to do finished, and set off for the Red River Valley only about a half-hour late. Picking up #2 daughter and a friend of hers, the three of us got to our destination before the light completely faded.

Next step: get organized up here, or at least try.

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