Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday: Another Beautiful Day; and I Got Something Done

There's some family business coming up this weekend, so I'm trying to get a little ahead on my online ventures. That kept me busy for most of the day, but I took time out in the evening to relax with my wife, our son, and #3 daughter in the living room.

#2 daughter called, and talked with my wife for a while. #1 daughter called, too, but my wife asked her to call back, about 9:00. There must have been some sort of communication breakdown. She called back around 10:30, and wanted to know why I hadn't called. We had a good talk after that: short, but good.

Around Monday of this week, I noticed that the van was singing to me. A sort of birdsong, coming from somewhere in the back. Rather pleasant, when regarded as music: but not the sort of thing you want to ignore.

I took the van down to Flowers garage on the north side this morning, and had to wait a while for the loaner car to come back. That gave me a chance to look around more than I usually do.

It's amazing, what you notice when you take time and look: shapes, textures, colors. I've said this before, but for me it's hard to understand how anyone can get bored. We're surrounded by wonders!


Bernardo Alonso said...

Hey Norski! How are you? It's amazing what sometimes we can find inside garages.
I've followed the links in the BC thread "what have you learned from Blogging so far?". Really good blogs you have, congratulations. As you said, you love to write (and you do write very well). I don't write too much in English, but I try to practice with one of my blogs and by everyday reading (one or two blogs from BC and tons of scientific papers - I'm a researcher) - sometimes it's hard to pick the good ones like yours. My mother language is Portuguese. I'll visit your blogs more often now.
All the best,

Brian H. Gill said...


I'm doing okay - hope the same can be said for you.

About writing: You have an excellent idea. One of the better ways to learn to write better is to read, read, read. Not my idea: you'll find it in quite a few how-2 resources.

Thanks for the good words about my blogs. We've got some common background: I've been a researcher (history, mostly) in my day. Fascinating work.

Writing in a second language is something I wouldn't try, with my abilities. Kudos.

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