Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday: Week Done, Weekend Starts

I see I missed the two highlights, if that's the right word, of yesterday.

Earlier this week, backing the van out of the back yard, we'd heard a loud 'bang!' from around the right rear wheel. I got the van into the garage yesterday, and it's a good thing that I did. One of two brake cables in the right rear wheel was broken, and so was the wheel bearing.

The guys at the garage got everything fixed by 5:30, which was quite satisfactory. The van doesn't make those funny sounds now, and I don't miss them a bit.

My wife, our son, and #3 daughter went to Soo Bahk Do class last night, and #3 daughter came back with something extra: a dislocated toe. She assured me that it hurt. #3 daughter used my 'other' cane for the rest of the evening, and this morning.

Tonight, she cheerfully informed me that the pain was gone. I believe her: she's walking without the cane now.

After yesterday's excitement, today was pretty routine. I did more to have my online work wrapped up for the weekend and Monday. It's going to be a busy weekend.

My wife and #3 daughter were out, twice, for music lessons, to talk with her dad, and go to rummage sales. #3 daughter came home with a prom dress from - 1956, I think. It looks pretty good. I'm no expert, but some of those styles either never go out of fashion, or recycle. What she's going to use it for, I have no idea.

My wife told me that I should go over to her dad's place. One of my brothers-in-law was there, with about a half-dozen fainting goats. So, I went.

My wife told me not to touch the fence, since it was electrified. My father-in-law told me not to touch the fence. My brother-in-law told me not to touch the fence.

I didn't touch the fence: a temporary affair my brother-in-law had rigged across part of the Sauk Centre Grandpa's back yard.

The goats were having a fine time, grazing and socializing. I asked my brother-in-law why he had the things. Turns out, they're valuable right now, and since he got them, he hasn't had to mow his back yard. Unlike sheep, these goat crop the grass down to an appropriate level, and leave it at that.

They're also, I'm told, more entertaining that television. From what I saw of them, I believe it. A trio of them came to eat some grain he put out, and were (I'm told) remarkably well-behaved about sharing the treasure.

I had a chance to see a bit of the individual personalities he talked about, too. The little billy was, ah, assertive, and one of the others had attitude. She was pushing the big billy around at one point. The latter was named "Stinky" by the former owner.

Naturally, I couldn't leave without taking a few photos:

And, a photo of one of my favorite places on Earth.

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