Thursday, May 22, 2008

The top event of the day was my wife and #3 daughter's recital this evening. We set off in plenty of time to get to Camphill Village, about 12 miles north of town, with time left over for the ladies to get their instruments tuned.

As we were driving up Highway 71, #3 daughter asked me if a particular road was the one we were supposed to turn off on. I replied, 'no,' and drove on. A few miles later, my wife observed that we'd gone too far.

They were both right. We'd gone too far, and I should have turned at the road #3 daughter asked about.

We got there in time, though.

And, the recital went well. It was nice, listening to the music, and one of the babies near me decided that I was someone to smile at.

The other major event of the day was my main computer developing some sort of trouble - most likely with its hard drive. The earliest I can bring it in to be fixed is Tuesday, next week. Frustrating, but I'm hopeful that I haven't lost the data.

Meanwhile, my webcam that looks at Ash Street is out of service.

When I told our son that I planned to use my old laptop to stand in for the main computer on the Ash Street webcam, he said he'd thought of the same thing - which I believe - and added, "great minds think alike, hmm?" That's my boy.

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