Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday: Getting Back to Routines

Our son is looking forward to a birthday party later this week: Friday, I think. My wife and #3 daughter went out to get groceries, and the van is unpacked from the weekend's trip.

I went out this afternoon, to exercise at Fitness Guru, and to take photos of the Ash Street Project's progress. Also, to enjoy a beautiful spring/early summer day. The trees in the back yard are leafing out, with a sort of mist of pale yellow-green surrounding the branches.

Apart from that, I've been getting caught up with the weekend's messages, and setting myself up for the rest of the week's work.

This would be a good place to review what happened over the weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008.

After bucking a stiff headwind from Sauk Centre to the Red River Valley of the North, I picked up #2 daughter in Moorhead. To save gas, she rode with me the rest of the way. That was not only efficient, it gave me an extra hour to talk with her.

When we got to the farm, I unpacked my case and discovered that I'd brought my laptop, as planned, so that I could get some work done over the weekend. I'd also remembered the laptop's base, with the fans that help cool it.

Just one problem: I'd left the power source back in Sauk Centre. Since the batteries don't work, that left me with a laptop that made a pretty good paperweight - and not much more.

I was peeved. Quite thoroughly peeved.

Then I took a nap. While I was settling in for a few Zs, I heard a rhythmic knocking. When I woke up, #2 daughter told me that she'd cut down some small trees that had started growing near the foundation.

Sunday, May 18, 2008.

#2 daughter and I went to church at St. Rose of Lima. (I checked, and found that St. Rose of Lima is the patron saint of America.)

Later in the morning, I saw my father, and presented #2 daughter's tatting work - a butterfly - and put it on the bulletin board. #2 daughter decided to spend the time picking up groceries, since she's got a cough and sneeze that might not be allergies.

My father and I talked about #2 daughter, her job, and other family stuff: and also how he gets help in organizing his papers there.

I picked up #2 daughter after that, we ate lunch, and I was back to talk with my father. A nurse at the desk mentioned that I'm very much like my father. I've heard that quite a bit over the decades - and still enjoy the experience.

Back at the farm, #2 daughter and I talked about a fan fic of hers - based on "Men in Black" this time - before supper. After the meal, I snorted, an external sign of a thought that had popped into my mind. #2 daughter asked what that was about, so I explained that I'd have to find out when the balloons went up tomorrow: there was to be a sort of memorial service the next day. I thought I'd have to call my wife to get the information. #2 daughter gave me a look and said, "with me around? Please!" She knew what time it was, of course.

After supper, #2 daughter and I watched a "Babylon 5" movie, talked, and #2 daughter packed stuff. I played as much as I could remember of Bach's Prelude in C Major on the piano. #2 daughter finished the piece for me.

Mom had tried to teach me how to play piano on that instrument, back when I was a pre-teen. A surprising amount of her efforts found a home somewhere in my mind, and have stayed with me. Playing on that piano was a very sentimental experience.

#2 daughter told me about technical changes in the harpsichord which had made Bach's work possible to play - the new sort of harpsichord was "well-tempered clavier." That's what I get for having a music major for a daughter. Now I know that a clavier was a particular type of keyboard instrument, but that the name became a generic word for any musical instrument with a keyboard: something like what happened to Kleenex.

Monday, May 19, 2008. I went to town, talked with Dad again, returned to the farm, then went back to town. Talked again, and then went to that memorial: as a sort of representative of the family. It was a nice ceremony. I particularly appreciated the "I come to the garden alone" song.

Then, everyone went outside (about two dozen people attended). A poem was read, then we released the balloons. The release of balloons hadn't taken the day's wind into account. Those white balloons whipped off to the west at a very respectable clip.

Then, it was time to finish packing and return. #2 daughter gave me supper at her place in Moorhead. I picked up coffee at Debbie's Home Style Kitchen in Fergus Falls (a sort of tradition), and arrived back in Sauk Centre around 9:00.

Then, #3 daughter's birthday being nearby, my wife and I, and our son, sang "Happy Birthday to You," and presented her with a cake and presents.

That didn't leave me with much more to do, except read Garfield to our son, and sing what we call "Bee Bye Boh."

Which brings me up to date.

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