Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday, Memorial Day (Observed): Steak on the Grill, and Kids in the House

My wife, our son, #3 daughter and #2 daughter, spent most of the day at the Sauk Centre granpda's place. I remained here, to get work done on a laptop - that's a great deal slower than the computer I hope can be in working order after tomorrow's appointment.

Part of the extended family was there for the weekend - including an assortment of cousins. Actually, they're my nieces and nephews, but I think of them as "the cousins," since that's the relationship they have to our kids.

Apart from a few tasks done, it's been a pretty calm, quiet day for me. Having the house to myself is a bit of a treat - although I'd never trade the calm of solitude for the noisy, hectic blessings that a family gives.

My wife let me grill steak for supper tonight. She, our son, and #3 daughter came home for the evening meal. i had a good time grilling the steak - and got them properly done this time. (I learn! I learn!)

#2 daughter came home, after being called by my wife and reminded that she needed to leave, if she was going to get back to Moorhead in time for a good night's sleep. She goes back to work tomorrow. She came, we saw her off - and she called when she arrived. I really appreciate that check-in.

While grilling, I noticed that over half of the dandelions in the back yard had gone to seed since yesterday. It's rather pretty - the array of yellow dots against a green background is now a mosaic of white puffs and yellow disks. The dandelion is an attractive flower - but grows much to easily here in North America.

Later in the evening, I had our son help me disconnect the main computer, so I could have it ready to go tomorrow morning. When he disconnected the monitor, he noticed that the status lights start a left-to-right repeating scan. I agree with him: it's a cool effect.

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