Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday: Church, Grilling, Kids and Cousins

We had all four kids under the roof this afternoon, and part of the evening. My wife and the kids, plus a cousin who had followed our lot home from church, left around mid-afternoon to get together with some more of the family that had gathered at the Sauk Centre grandfather's house.

That left me alone, which was a fine idea. I got some organizing done, unearthing a few things I'd been looking for, and eliminating several places that some software CDs could have been put. #1 daughter came back after supper to see how I was doing, and to talk. That was nice of her.

one of the extra kids here this afternoon was a friend of our son's, I discovered on closer examination. He's about the same size as at least one of the cousins, and the way the kids move around, I don't always get a chance for a detailed look.

Our son and I helped the visitor phone home. He had the phone number down pat, but hadn't taken the area code into account: he was calling his mom's cell phone.

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