Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday: Busy Day, Quiet Evening

My wife and #3 daughter are in the Red River Valley of the North tonight. One of my brothers-in-law picked them up around noon. The three of them will be spending most of tomorrow up at the farm, getting some fixing-up done, and - I expect - visiting my father.

While they were getting ready to go, I got a call from the case worker who's taking over with my father. The lady I've been hearing from is taking maternity leave. The call got wrapped up in time for me to talk with my brother-in-law, and say my goodbyes.

My wife left detailed instructions taped to the kitchen table. She also, looking me straight in the eyes, emphasized particularly important points. Mostly, she wanted to be sure that I picked up our son at 6:00. And, that I eat what I'm supposed to in her absence.

During the day, I did some organizing and cleaning, started a writing project, and remembered to pick up our son.

He'd been at the birthday party of one of his friends, and had thoroughly enjoyed himself. He told me so several times on the way home, along with detail about an air hockey table his friend's family has.

After we got home, he spent an hour putting a party favor together: a clip-together race car made of cardboard, with a friction motor. It was a complicated model, and when works pretty well. One time, it even did a 180-degree skidding turn.

#1 daughter called three times this evening. She'd decided to stretch her food budget by fishing, and had caught a fish. She'd never cleaned a fish before. She was rather non-plussed at the way the fish's head kept moving, after being removed. No calls after that, so I assume that she enjoyed her meal.

Her rabbit, Giol, was in fine shape, although wanting a bit more attention than usual.

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