Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Comet the Comic and an Online Game

This afternoon was almost a write-off, in terms of getting things done: although I did get my working digital camera back. And, in working order.

Our son got home about 5:30. He's got the part of Comet the comic in the elementary school's (Christmas? Winter?) show. I also learned the show's name: "North Pole Star." He took sheet music home with him, and started practicing this evening.

An online role playing game, Runescape, got popular in Sauk Centre recently. From what #3 daughter and our son say, quite a number of the 100,000 or so people playing it right now are probably in Sauk Centre.

Oddly enough, neither of this household's at-home kids are playing, at this moment.

I'm a bit concerned about how much time they've been spending, playing it. For that matter, I'm a bit concerned about how much I'm playing.

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