Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday: I Forgot About the Gideons!

My son has finished his first week of the new quarter at school. Now, since it's Veteran's Day weekend, I suppose there'll be another long weekend. Not a problem for me: I may be able to talk my wife into letting me grill lunch Monday.

I definitely need to pay more attention, when making these posts.

Yesterday, after school, the Gideons were outside the school, passing out abbreviated Bibles (New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs). I still have mine, from back when: mine's green, his is red, but they're the same little pocket-sized reference.

As my son explained, about getting the Bible outside, "they're not allowed in the school." I suppose I should be glad there's not some sort of 2,000-foot Christian-free zone around schools.

Anyway, he's impressed with his new acquisition, and with the fact that he found out how he could play an online game that he's too young for.

The Runescape TOS apparently says that kids under the cutoff age can play, if supervised by an adult. Not a bad idea, actually, so my wife and I took turns this afternoon and early evening, while he and #3 daughter played.

I've got a character in that online RPG (role playing game) too: *ahem* just to check it out, of course. ;)

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