Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's the 11th day of the 11th month: Armistice Day, or "Veterans Day," as it's called now. I wrote a little about this remembrance in "Sauk Centre this Season / Armistice Day," a few years ago. I know that Armistice Day has global significance, but I am an American citizen: hence the picture.

Another week is winding down. My wife, son, and one of our daughters is back from Soo Bahk Do, and I'm getting ready for Monday.

It's been a nice, relaxed Sunday. Our eldest daughter caught a ride to Sauk Centre this morning, celebrated Mass with us, and rode back in the early afternoon. I like these meetings. She kept me company while I grilled lunch. Today's experience went better: no singed fingers.

My son will have to find a new place to work on those computers. He's been using about a quarter of the living room floor, and today my wife told him he'd have to find a new place to work. Later, she told me that she hadn't quite finished clearing a space for him elsewhere.

As I write this, our #3 daughter is talking with our #2 daughter on the telephone. #2 is at college, in Moorhead, some 125 miles up the road. Thanks to my wife's due diligence, we have a phone plan that gives us unlimited long distance calling.

Daughters #2 and #3 are particularly glad of that. They like to talk, and #3 likes being able to check in with 'mom.' Isn't technology great?

She's done quite a job in the basement. The room below the living room is now nearly clutter free, and better organized than it's been in a long time.
With all the history-making events going on in the world, what's happening in one household here in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, seems a small thing: like a little exhibit tucked away in the corner of one wing of a museum.

Memorials of major events remind me of this.

But, it's my household, my family: and so this little cluster of humanity is a big part of my world.

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