Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday: Two Daughters, a Son, and a Cousin

Actually, the visitor today is my niece, but I think of her as "one of the cousins," since that's her relationship to our kids.

Daughter #2 came home this afternoon, after a visit with Grandpa. (More relational title confusion. He's her grandfather, my father, and my wife's father-in-law.) She had good memories, and a car-full of stuff from his household. He and we have been transferring material out of his house on each visit, so that there'll be less to move when he does move out.

Daughters #2 and 3 had a great time, visiting, with my wife contributing to the conversation. I was taking a nap through part of that.

Daughter #2 collected me a little later, so that I could make a video of her giving #3 daughter a trombone lesson. I think that worked out rather well: it looks like the files all came out okay. Now, I need to patch them together and put them in a format that the college can read.

The cousin came over around supper time. Daughter #2 collected her from my wife's father's house. The cousin/niece's family is visiting there today. And tomorrow, I assume. There's a fair number of them, so that Grandpa will get thoroughly visited this weekend.

My wife told me why we ran out of light bulbs.

When I replace light bulbs, I put the defunct bulbs into that cardboard cover that the new bulbs come in. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to do: by securing them that way, I ensure that they won't roll away, and quite likely roll off something and break.

After listening carefully to my wife's description of the situation, I now realize that it would probably be a good idea to promptly dispose of the spent light bulbs, and the covers.

Apparently, I haven't been doing that. It's much easier to put them on, say, the kitchen table, where I'll remember to throw them away. Later.

Anonymous members of the household, seeing unattended boxed light bulbs, naturally put them back in storage. And I don't seem to notice the burned-out light bulbs that aren't there.

Which explains why we've got quite a few dead light bulbs, stored carefully where the new ones should be.

Happily, I have a patient wife: and she's used to me by now.

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