Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday: That was a Good Day

Daughter #2 is back at college now; the cousins/niece and nephews, and their parents who came up to be with Grandpa are back at their home, down the road; and my wife had a short chat with #1 daughter on the phone this evening.

I even got to grill hamburgers for supper. This family spent the afternoon at Grandpa's, too, which delayed my grilling.

We did, however, have a good get-together. One of my nephews spent quite a bit of the time, trying to fix part of the power connection for his laptop. I don't blame him for spending the time at that project: replacing the thing costs $55; and I don't know that my brother-in-law has quite the set of specialized tools my father-in-law does. Yet.

All things, considered, this has been a good Thanksgiving weekend.

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