Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday: Time to Break Out the Winter Coats

I asked my wife to break out my winter coat from storage today. It's getting nippy: about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. That's about nine below, Celsius.

Next thing you know, I'll be wanting gloves and shoes. So far, I'm doing okay with socks and flip-flops.

Our son is still in the Christmas show. That makes him about an hour late each day. He's still excited about his part. My wife and #3 daughter found reindeer antlers (horns?) at Wal-Mart today. #3 daughter was very taken by them, and since they were cheap - make that inexpensive - she and my wife got three.

The things are cute.

I had a good chat with #1 daughter this evening. She called, from Alexandria, and we talked about a colorful Japanese ruler she'd learned about: Oda Nobunaga. She's been very Japan-conscious lately, a by-product of her interest in anime and manga.

I got some writing done today, and made what I trust is not a futile gesture of organizing a square foot or so of my work area.

On a civic note, the traffic lights at the south end of Ash street are working again today.

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