Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday: of Church and Toenails

This morning, getting ready to go to Mass, a cracked toenail reminded me that it needed attention. Again.

I'd hoped to avoid this, with a simple nail-clipping yesterday. No such luck.

Time for more drastic measures.

I asked my wife if I could have nail polish. It's great stuff, for reinforcing the nail until it could grow out a little, and heal itself.

Knowing that there were two daughters, and a niece, in the house, I should have realized how this would end.

After some discussion of a high-pitched and giggling variety, they decided on the color that I'd use. Thankfully, socks cover the toe, and the nail polish does its job, no matter what color it is.

It's pink.


Brigid said...

Okay, Dad, you finally managed it.

I'm embarrassed.


Brian H. Gill said...


I knew it could be done.


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