Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Day, Another Apple Core For the Rabbit

I'm still catching up on Tuesday's posts, in other blogs, and decided to defer seeing "Avatar" until the weekend - or maybe next week. After that, it'll be gone from the local theater. I've felt better. I've felt worse, but I've felt better. Actually, none of the family here in Sauk Centre has been quite up to par.

Except for #1 daughter's rabbit, Giol. He's as fluffy as ever. And let me hold him for five minutes the other day. I think he liked getting his head stroked.

I went out in the afternoon, running errands. My wife, prudently, stayed in and rested.

#1 daughter called this evening, just after supper. Not-entirely-good news involving finances. 'Nuff said. I'm looking forward to seeing her on the weekend.

We got a call from #2 daughter & son-in-law, and viewed a work-in-progress marketing trailer for a video they're producing. He's producing, mostly. I'll be filling in details as that project moves along.

I've fed Giol an apple core - he's getting quite good at standing on his back feet and reaching for it - but haven't yet read Garfield and sung with my son.

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