Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grilling Burgers, Watching a Movie, Hanging Out With the Family

#1 daughter wouldn't have been here for the weekend: but freezing fog in the wee hours of Saturday morning encouraged her to change her travel plans. Prudent, I think.

So, she was stuck here had some 'quality' time today with her father. She kept me company while I grilled burgers, and after the family ate lunch she and I went to see "Avatar" at the Main Street Theatre. It was the second viewing for her, first for me.

That was an impressive movie - which I'll probably write a little about, when I figure out which blog it should go in.

We got home in time for supper, my wife and #3 daughter spent the bulk of the evening at Soo Bahk Do class, and I got caught up on writing. #1 daughter and my son talked and played video games.

Life may get better than this: but I like what I've got.

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