Friday, August 3, 2007

Ants! Nothing Stops Them!

Sometimes I feel like I'm in some fifties science-fiction B movie. Relentless hords of creatures have invaded. Conventional weapons are useless. (Sort of like Them! (1954), except that this enemy doesn't provide the big, slow-moving targets that the Hollywood ants did.)

Sure, saturation-bombing of an area with vinegar kills some of them, but a seemingly endless stream of replacements keeps marching in.

Those tiny ants are still in the kitchen.

Putting a plate into the washer last night, I saw dozens fall onto the inside of the washer's door when I tipped the plate. We've cleaned what we can, but a family of six needs to eat a few times a day, and that isn't an entirely smear-free process on the kitchen counter.

I took a picture of some of the things, plus a few crumbs, I think, earlier today. My wife may not appreciate that. The big oval thing on the right is a spoon. As I said before, those ants are tiny.

I made a post yesterday about them, and there really hasn't been that much change in our status.

The ants still have numbers and single-minded purpose on their side. They seem to have nothing to do but raid our kitchen. We, on the other hand, are distracted by day-to-day duties, but have superior intelligence on our side.

My wife still hasn't formulated a winning attack strategy.

Gingerly treading the narrow way between the twin threats of myrmecophobia and myrmecophilia, I'll continue to report as there are fresh developments.


Anonymous said...

My daughter and I have fun smashing their little bodies betwixt thimb abd forefinger. She's 2 1/2, I'm 38. Who's mature? ;)

Brian H. Gill said...

That question, I won't get within ten feet of. My oldest daughter said "that's cute!" when reading your comment.


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