Saturday, August 4, 2007

What I Did Saturday: It's Not as Boring as it Sounds

One of my daughters had been using my laptop yesterday evening. I've got it set up on top of a small cart. I need to pick the thing up and put in on my lap: she can sit in a nearby chair, swing around to face the laptop, and use the cart as a desk. Being five-feet-nothing has some advantages.

This morning, I sit down in that chair, and see a small figure hanging resolutely from the top of the laptop screen.

My daughter was delighted when I noticed him. She explained that he'd been in one place for most of the summer, and was due for a change of scene.

The rest of the morning was routine, apart from a bit of hydraulic engineering involving a plumber's friend. I think they're more properly called plungers. The key to happiness in situations like that is making sure that the p.f. is stored close to where it's used: and kept where it's stored.

On a tastier topic, I grilled lunch, as usual. I got a little carried away later, writing about it on the Easy Griller blog.

I spent most of the rest of the day online, following up on some information I'd seen in a online community. If I were a little younger, and a little more focused on the cybersphere, I might be a geek.

Actual online time was less than it sounds. I work, or try to, in an area that's pretty heavily populated by the rest of the family. One of my daughters had me read through the rest of a story that she'd written. I'd started it yesterday. My son stopped by a few times to see what I was doing. Our conversations are often the sort of stand-look-grunt sort of thing that wise wives learn to expect from their menfolk. My boy and I have some pretty good talks now and again, usually about Bionicles or computers.

Supper, catching up on another task or two, and evening prayers took up most of the evening.

Don't worry: I won't do this slice-of-life thing too often, but I thought it would be interesting once in a while.

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Anonymous said...

Slice of life is what I dig!!! But you knew that.

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