Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Night

I'd better warn you up front: This is a rambling narrative of what life was like here at our house today. Nothing exciting happened, but on the chance that you'll find something interesting, here goes:

It's quiet now, understandably: everyone else in the family has the good sense to be in bed and asleep at this hour. I'm still up, getting some work done and, now, writing this post.

It's been a good weekend so far. The rain is fine: we need it this year. And, it didn't keep me from grilling lunch today. I wrote a word or two about grilling in the rain, with a picture our second-oldest daughter took, over on Easy Griller.

My wife and two (I believe) daughters were at rummage sales this morning. I think it's partly for fun, but they bring home practical items, too. Most of my shirts arrive that way. For a family that isn't unnecessarily burdened with wealth, it's a good way to get serviceable clothing and equipment at a fraction of retail prices.

I spent the afternoon at a very part-time job, got home in time for supper, watched a television show we'd taped earlier, and relaxed. Sort of.

Actually, I worked on some online projects while having a sporadic conversation with our oldest daughter, had a break from that (break from the work, not so much the conversation) for family prayers, and then back to trying to multi task writing and conversation. The latter didn't work so well. The conversation, which swung back and forth between theology and history, was okay. The writing, truthfully, had to wait until I wasn't distracted.

Meanwhile, my wife and second oldest daughter were in the kitchen, talking over what she'll be doing for the next two years. That's how long she has left in college, if all goes well. Our son and third-oldest daughter must have been somewhere out of sight.

He's still enthusiastic (understatement) about his new-to-him laptop. He's downloaded anti-malware software to supplement the anti-virus package he has, found a large number - I think around a hundred - items that shouldn't be there, eliminated them, and now his gadget works faster.

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