Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Computers, a Crimson Conumdrum, and Digital Withdrawal

After an inexplicable absence, the crimson-clad conundrum reappeared this morning. I think I may have deduced his motive. Judging from today's appearance, I'd say that he's either interested in looking at the laptop's screen, readying himself to cut power at some time of his choosing, or perhaps both.

I drove to Alexandria with my eldest daughter this afternoon, on a quest for a new laptop. For her. With her money. I think she's made a reasonable choice, but time will tell. She's been going through digital withdrawal symptoms, in the absence of a working computer devoted to her projects.

At the other end of the offspring age spectrum, my son is now the proud possessor of a more-than-slightly-buggy laptop, formerly the property of my eldest. He'll be much happier when it comes back from a shop, with some (to him) vital software re-installed.

This has been an interesting couple of weeks for me, dealing with the two other computer enthusiasts in the family: and trying to be reasonable as they sought refuge at my computer.


Unknown said...

Sounds a lot like our house, and I know when the boys find solace in my computer, as it barely moves when it's returned to my care, without a million and one scans. Enthusiast, just keep holding on to that one, that's what I remind myself constantly here...sounds much better, tolerable, although I know I'm drowning in denial when I say it. Your kids must be so excited. How good of you.

Brian H. Gill said...

My kids *are* excited: very. My set are relatively careful. We've only had a few crises recently.

And thanks for the good words.

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