Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kids moving out, New Water Heater, Street Repair Coming

I haven't been bored since my wife and I got married and started this family. This week has been less boring than usual.

My wife and the kids were in Alexandria, about 20 miles (32 KM or so) up the road, most of the afternoon, checking out apartments for our oldest. It's exciting times at this household right now.

#1 daughter has a job, and is moving out this weekend.

#2 daughter is going back to college this weekend.

Thankfully, #3 daughter and #1 son aren't going through anything quite so major right now: just back-to-school stuff.

Which isn't exactly minor, except in comparison with those moves.

Meanwhile, the household has a new water heater. That should fix the issues of having hot water for washing, and not having a funny taste in the water. Also, that puddle in the basement won't be around now.

That's mostly good news, but of course it cost money.

The street maintenance planned for later this year will, too. It's needed, even overdue, and they're going to work on the water mains and sewers. More good news. Just one problem: someone will have to pay for it.

I know the local paper wasn't trying for laughs, but I thought this was funny - "water main and sanitary sewer improvements will not be assessed against residential property owners with the city picking up the cost."

True. Property owners aren't assessed directly. But we pay, directly or indirectly, for all the revenue that the city picks up from taxes and fees.

On top of that, There's an average of $8,400 that every household on Ash Street will get to pay for having the street torn up. I'm not complaining. It has to be done.

But thinking about that, and a layoff that's into its second year, and a tiny business that isn't quite off the ground yet, is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

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