Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Family: a Wonderful Opportunity for Cultivating Calm

This morning, my wife needed to be minding the shop for my father-in-law. She expected to use my #1 daughter's car, and had told #1 daughter about her plans.

#1 daughter drove off to get some supplies, returning about 6 minutes after my wife and a near-quorum of the family had left. In the van. Which is the only vehicle I'm remotely comfortable in, even after the hip replacements.

No problem. In the fullness of time (quite promptly, actually), #1 daughter drove her car over to the shop, returning in the van.

Which enabled me to work up a sweat at Fitness Guru (weird name, good exercise place). Also to fill the van's fuel tank. Gasoline is $2.769 now: not bad at all, compared to what it was around Independence Day.

I didn't mind getting out of the house for a while. I was having a moderately hard time concentrating on my work, with a young son eagerly, and not quietly, waiting for his new-to-him laptop to return.

Then it did return, but now with the software that was expected. I'm going to skip the details. #1 daughter can discuss that, if she so chooses, and if she does I may link to her blog.

My son is learning valuable lessons in the nature of reality and social interactions. He's not learning them quietly, but he's learning them. He and #1 daughter have hammered out an arrangement of some sort regarding her efforts to make the laptop ready for him.

I'm not being coy about details. I stayed out of the way, letting them discuss the situation. Good learning experience for them, that way: not so easy on my nerves.

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